Photographing Dads and their Littl'uns

I sometimes take my little girl along to a really cool playgroup in Wimbledon, called "Dads and Littl'uns".

Dads and Littl'uns is special because it's run and attended by fathers. Mums are welcome, but it is mainly a place for men to meet other men who, like them, look after their children during the week.

Some of the guys are full-time stay-at-home dads, some work part time and do the childcare on the other days, while others work full time but have shift patterns that allow them to come to the playgroup with their kids. There are also groups in Brockwell Park and Exeter.

It was a bit odd to be there with my camera instead of my little girl. I had a great time, getting a lot of nice shots of the children playing and of the dads doing their thing. The best images are in my "Children" and "Children and families" galleries.

You can find out more about the three Dads and Littl'uns groups at